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Welcome to Huerfano County Federal Mineral Lease District's website!

A Federal Mineral Lease District is an entity created by the Board of County Commissioners and authorized by the Colorado State Legislature.  It's purpose is to maximize the long-term benefit of funding derived from federal mineral leasing by authorizing the creation of federal mineral lease districts as funding and service delivery mechanisms, which will, consistent with sound financial practices, result in the greatest use of financial resources for the greatest number of citizens of this state, with priority given to those communities designated as impacted by the development of natural resources covered in the federal act.  In-depth background on a Federal Mineral Lease District can be found here, including:

1. Article I. of the bylaws of the Huerfano County Federal Mineral Lease District (HCFMLD or "The District").  
2. The Colorado Federal Mineral Lease Act.  
3. United States Statutes Title 30. MINERAL LANDS AND MINING Chapter 3A.PERMITS,  LEASES, AND PROSPECTING.  
4. Colorado’s Federal Mineral Lease Districts Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).